Booi Terms and Conditions

1. General Information 

1.1. While using any version of Booi service and registering an account, the users should make sure they have read the Terms and Conditions carefully before accepting the Terms and Conditions for visiting and using Booi. The Privacy Notice along with the Terms and Conditions enters into force just after the Player accepts the registration details. 

1.2. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Player also confirms their agreement with 2, 3 and 4 sections of these Terms and Conditions. 

1.3. The Player agrees that using Booi service is their decision and risk. 

1.4. In order to confirm the identity, the Player allows Booi to check some of their personal information including regulatory authorities.  

2. Admission 

2.1. The payer who registered and whose age, citizenship and location meet the Terms and Conditions, has the right to become a player on the website. 

2.2. The Player also confirms and guarantees that they: 

  • Are the current and legal owners of the fund registered in the account;
  • Will not do anything that could harm the reputation of the service;
  • Have provided Booi service with comprehensive and accurate personal information; 
  • Are familiar with the risks of money loss; 

3. Permitted age

3.1. The minimum age to use the service is 18 years old. If the threshold is higher in the player’s country, the player should adhere to the law and use the service only after the age of majority. 

4. The player’s residence and location 

4.1. Service should be used In accordance with the laws of the country in which the player is temporarily located or resides. The Booi service is not responsible for any unauthorized action under the laws when using the resources of the site.  

4.2. Residents or temporary residents of the following countries are not allowed to use the service:

  • Venezuela;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Ukraine;
  • China;
  • Turkey;
  • The USA;
  • Spain;
  • Sweden;
  • Romania; 
  • The Youth Korea;
  • Romania;
  • Netherlands;
  • Malta;
  • Montenegro; 
  • Latvia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Iran;
  • Italy;
  • Hungary; 
  • Georgia;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Estonia; 
  • Cyprus; 
  • Bulgaria; 
  • British Indian Ocean Territory;
  • Australia. 

5. Re-registration and duplicate account 

5.1. If the player wants to register again due to loss of access to the account or for other valid reasons, the player must notify the service about the desire to create a second account. 

5.2. Without prior notice, re-registration will be regarded as an act of fraud. In such a case, the Booi service has all rights to block the player’s account. 

6. Blocking or closing the account

6.1. Blocking of the akaaunts is made under the guidance of the Booi service in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. 

6.2. The Player has the right to block their account on their own by sending an email to [email protected] 

6.3. After blocking or closing the account, the service does not return the money to the player that was in the Gaming account at the time. 

6.4. In the case of deprivation of the player account by Booi, the player has the right to appeal the decision of the service. 

6.5. The service has the right to block an account without warning in the following cases:

  • The player publishes information that could damage the reputation of Booi; 
  • The player attempted to cheat the service;
  • The player’s account is connected in any way to an account that has already been blocked or closed; 
  • The player uses the account for an illegal purpose; 

6.6. Booi also has the right to close the account if it has not been used for more than 6 months. 

7. Payment

7.1. All payments are made in favor of the licence holder – The Globonet B.V. company. The winnings are paid to the players’ accounts via the payment method that has been chosen. 

7.2. The player has the right to withdraw the money at any time from their accounts.

7.3. The service does not charge the player’s deposits with any commission. Nevertheless, the commission can be taken from the sender depending on the payment method and its terms.

7.4. The player is warned that the account can not be a bank account. In this way, no insurance compensation from deposit insurance or bank insurance is applicable. There is no interest rate on the funds from the player’s account.  

7.5. The player can withdraw their money 24/7. The payment schedule may vary depending on public holidays or the bank’s schedule. 

7.6. Depending on the payment method, currency and the account’s status, there are limits for withdrawals. 

7.7. If the player decides to stop playing, he has the right to ask to refund of the latest deposit. 

8. Betting 

8.1. Any kind of aggressive behaviour, abuse, or threats toward other players or the service is forbidden. The website is a source of cultural communication. If the player feels that they have been abused by other players, they can complain to the Booi administration. 

8.2. The player is fully responsible for their betting actions. Any misclicks or errors are the results of the player’s actions and the player carries the responsibility.

8.3. It is forbidden to use any third-party software to advance over other players or to cheat the service. All bets are accepted through the official software presented on the Website. Otherwise, the player’s account can be blocked by the Booi administration. 

9. Bonus policy 

9.1. The casino may from time to time offer its players different types of bonuses (deposit or non-deposit). The same correlates to lotteries, tournaments, free spins and others. 

9.2. The player may withdraw any bonus or several bonuses by contacting the support team of Booi. 

9.3. Each bonus has its status. All in all, there are four types of statuses: 

  • Active – the bonus that is being used and has not been wagered yet;
  • Pending – the inactive bonus that the player has not started wagering yet;
  • Wagered – the bonus that has been successfully wagered;
  • Cancelled – the bonus that has been cancelled by the Booi operator. 

9.4. Each bonus may have specific regulations or conditions. In this case, the alterations will be provided to the player along with the bonus information. 

9.5. The bonus is not a cash equivalent. It should be considered as a free chance to bet. 

9.6. If the player has a bonus on the account only the funds on the real balance can be withdrawn. 

10 Complaints and notices 

10.1. If the player has got any complaints about Booi’s work or other players, they should contact the support team as soon as it seems possible via [email protected]

10.2. If any financial issues occurred the player must contact [email protected]

10.3. License issue address: [email protected].