Booi Responsible Gaming

Online casino gambling is supposed to be about fun and hobbies for users. Still, there is a percentage of players who have lost discipline over themselves while playing online games. Before you start playing, it is important to know and most importantly understand that online casino games should not be seen as income or cash back. It is important to record every day the time and amount of money that has been spent at the online casino

The online casino Booi (hereinafter referred to as “Casino”, “Booi”, or “We”) recognizes that gambling can be addictive, and has developed and offers various types of services to help the user in case of gaming addiction.

When you play gambling, you are aware that you risk losing your money and winning is a fluke. Booi has taken certain measures to help the player if he has found a gambling addiction.

Responsible gambling for players

Are you wondering if you spend a lot of time gambling? Let’s find out if you are a gambling addict.

Below we have listed a few items that will help you know if you have a gambling problem. If you find that 3-4 of these points are true for your online casino game or your significant other’s game, we recommend seeking professional help from experts in the field.

  • Thinking about gaming takes up a very large portion of your time;
  • You only play with large sums of money to fully achieve your enjoyment;
  • You have trouble controlling your emotions. You react very sharply to ordinary household matters;
  • If you lose, you become hysterical and more aggressive than before;
  • You have made frequent attempts to start controlling, reducing, or stopping gambling in your life altogether;
  • Reduced or no gambling time has caused you anxiety and irritation;
  • Playing at an online casino is your main way of avoiding various problems or bad moods;
  • After an unsuccessful game, you start a new one to win back the loss;
  • You lie to your family and the rest of the people in your environment to hide the real nature of the gambling activity from you;
  • You have committed acts against the law to gamble at an online casino;
  • You have ended relationships with family members, or you have jeopardized important relationships, career advancement, and education because of a gambling addiction to an online casino;
  • You are confident that other people will surely help you solve your money problems caused by gambling.

You can also check yourself with the GamCare platform, which is a good tool for Self ‚ÄďAssessment


Have you found certain problems, but are still able to handle them yourself? Ok! We provide several helpful tips. The main thing is to always make rational decisions about how much money you can spend. You are not afraid of gambling addiction if your actions are under control. It is necessary to address with full seriousness the issue of prevention of addiction to cheating, deciding on a clear course of action:

Play within a certain limited time

Find the optimal amount of time you spend on gambling. If you have a problem with this, set a timer or alarm on your device for a specific amount of time when you want to end the game before you start a new one.

Allocate your budget properly

Determine a maximum deposit amount and don’t raise it. Never take money from family or friends to gamble. If you set a deposit limit of $60 for a week and you win $200 that same week, you can enter a deposit of $260.

Find a new hobby

Find a new way for a hobby and combine it with gaming.

Great mood = great game

Don’t start a game if you are stressed or in a bad mood.

Sober Play

We recommend you never consume alcohol before/when playing at an online casino.

External Help 

If you need extra help, several platforms offer professional help for free.

  • GamCare;
  • Gambling Therapy;
  • Gordon House Association: 
  • Gambler’s Anonymous.

Protection of minors

Gambling by minors is always forbidden by law and constitutes an offense (a punishable act). It is forbidden to gamble at our online casino if you are under the age of 18 or if you are under the legal age of 18 in the country in which you are located. We take our responsibility regarding underage people who gamble seriously and for this reason, we reserve the right to require any user to prove their age and suspend the account until official documentation is provided. 

This requirement is stated in the Casino Terms and Conditions, hence all underage players who attempt to register at the online casino will be considered violators of the rules. Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to report such violations to certain authorities.

However, we know that because of the wide availability and nature of the Internet, underage people can still register an account and gamble. So we recommend that parents cooperate to protect their children from free access to certain Web sites. There is special software that will be able to help deal with this issue. We strongly recommend the use of special programs that restrict access to gambling, such as:

  • CyberPatrol:
  • Content watch:
  • Netnanny:
  • Netmom:
  • GamBlock:
  • Solid Oak Software.

Precautionary measures 

  • Do not leave minors unsupervised in front of your computer/phone if you are logging into an online casino, or have gambling software installed on your device (computer or phone);
  • Do not use the password save feature if your children can use your device;
  • Do not allow minors to access gambling sites;
  • Keep credit card or other payment system information out of the reach of your children;
  • Control and limit the time your children use the Internet. 

If you have information that your minor child has a personal account on the website, be sure to contact our customer support team at [email protected]. After the verification process, the online casino may make one decision. For example :

  1. Keep the account active if the verification is successful;
  2. To block the account of an underage player for reaching the age of full legal capacity;
  3. To block the account of an underage user.